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Shelter in Tomaszow Maz.

Give abandoned dogs or cats a home.

Our mission

Shelter for abandoned animals in Tomaszów Maz. Is a home for hundreds dogs and cats.

Each day we do all we can to make their life good and comfortable, anyway we know it will never be a real home.
This is why we encouraged you to visit our animal shelter and to know better our animals.

Here you can find old and young dogs and cats. Each of them has a sad and hard past but we also have the youngest, who starts their life.

All of them connected by one thing – lack of home. They need you – your home ful of love, understanding and care. We guarantee, that they will love you, cherrish you and protect you and what is more important – they always be your true friend.

We have:




Look who lately joined us:



Imię: Sparkle/Iskra Opis: WILL YOU OPEN YOUR HEART FOR ISKRA?Iskra is young dog lady, she is open and has very good contact with human. She likes to be pet and cuddle.Iskra has good relations with other dogs, franly speaking they are her one and only cmpany for now....



Imię: Natan Opis: NATAN IS LOOKING FOR NEW HOME! WILL YOU HELP HIM!!!Natan is nice, contact dog. He has a lot of energy and loves all activities. Walks well on leash and hi is good with other dogs.Let's take him out from the shelter and find him new, forever home!!!...

Lucjan- adoptowany

Lucjan- adoptowany

Imię: Lucjan Opis: LUCJAN BEGG FOR HELP!!!Lucjan is lookung for responsible family, who give him a lot of time and will work with him specially at the beginning. If doesn't know you he can show you its teeth but if you meet closer you will be definietely friends. He...

Meet them personally

You can’t adopt? Help as you can!

You can not adopt one of our animal because of many reasons but you still want to help?

Everyday”s care about shelter animal bring challenges. We have to provide them food, medicines, toys and good life conditions. We will be thanksfull for dogs and cats food any plush toys , bedclothes ( without feathers inside), blankets and other things like that what help us to keep our animal warm.

Thanks in advance.

Visit us:

Kępa 3, 97-200 Tomaszów Mazowiecki


We are open:

All day long

Contact us:

798 781 565